Paper Shredder 18 sheet


ZXGHS Auto Feed Shredder, Paper Shredding Effect is 3 9Mm, Can Shred 10 Sheets / 18L Large Capacity Home Office Paper Shredder at One Time

The shredder is ideal for use in a small business or home office and can be conveniently placed under a desk or other workstation for use throughout the day. What’s more, the shredder can be easily removed when the bin needs to be emptied.

1. Product specifications
Product Name: Automatic Shredder
Shredding effect: 3 * 9mm
Power: 340W
Continuous paper shred: 10 minutes
Weight: 8kg
Shred width: A4
Paper shreds at the same time: 10 sheets
Product size: 360 * 251 * 500mm
Capacity: 18L